The road to Portmagee

I decided to drive to Portmagee to find out about the other boat trip. The road was scarily steep, I felt as if I was careering down the hill out of control, memories of childhood, and the two occasions I did that; once in Ireland at Ardmor and once in England, both times with painful consequences! I was only in second gear but the brakes were making a funny noise.

I stopped above another derelict building and drew the jagged shapes of the Skelligs in the distance and then at a tearoom and walked to two viewing points to look at the cliffs and see Puffin Island beyond them.

Walking back the view was breathtaking.

On to Portmagee which is pretty and connects with Valencia Island by a causeway and then home across the centre of the peninsular rather than up that incredibly steep road again.

After supper I walked up the hill again, further than last night, ragged plastic bags caught in the barbed wire – like chough’s wings.


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