First Impressions

From Rosslair to Carrigaline and finally to Kerry. The landscape changed quite dramatically once I got into Kerry, much more mountainous, and the drive around the Ring of Kerry was spectacular.

I got to Ballinskelegs without too much trouble but then couldn’t find Cill Rialaig. I ended up in St Finan’s bay first and then on the beach, So I went into the café and the woman there got her car out and I followed her up the tortuous route which bore very little relationship to the map I had. Out side the cottage the landscape is amazing but I expected that.

There is no view of the sea from the living area – you have to go outside to see it although you can see it through the tiny window in the sleeping area under the eaves. A fellow artist introduced himself and asked if I liked mackerel because he was off to do some fishing and said he would give me some. It didn’t materialise! I got some food from the garage in the village and then returned. It was still really hot and so I walked up the hill with my sketchbook and camera and did a few quick drawings of the islands opposite. The first drawings were messy but then I started to concentrate on the jaggedness of the hills and the horizontal lines of rocks plunging down them. I felt I was beginning to find something.

I came back and got some red conté and some charcoal and tore up some paper and started making drawings on the stone wall outside of the changing light on the hills opposite. I did five.

First View


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