I woke early. The islands in the distance were pale in the early morning mist and yet sharply outlined against the mountains behind. By eight o clock, they were already showing their vegetation and were no longer silhouettes.

I went to Cahirsiveen, to get a walking map. It was market day and very busy. On the way back I went to Siopa Cill Rialaig which is the gallery. There was a book by a Japanese artist, I think, opening from the back, with some beautiful drawings. I came back and dumped the shopping and had lunch. Next off to the beach.

The rocks at the end of the beach, crowned by a derelict building, I think it might be the castle, were asking to be drawn.

I was so busy drawing; I nearly got cut off by the tide! I took a photo of a Found Drawing of dried seaweed after I had clambered up the rocks and headed back towards the dunes and then got my feet wet.. well it is a beach.

Another found drawing – very delicate bird tracks in the sand.

I moved on again to the pier at the other end of Ballinskelligs. I discovered that they do boat trips to the islands so I might do that in the next day or two. There was a terrace of derelict buildings with beautiful detailing over the doors but it was all fenced off with electric fencing so I couldn’t get near enough to explore it properly.


2 Responses to “Exploring”

  1. forkhandles Says:

    Lovely drawings F! Love the birds feet pic and dried seaweed too.
    Now that you’re settled in, do you get a sense of why you have to be here at this time?
    Have you noticed any significant new dimensions to your work that could only have come as a result of being here?

  2. fiona Says:

    The question of why I have to be here at this time will emerge in time I think. Before I arrived I thought it was incidental but as the days go by I relive other days, other times when I was here – significant anniversaries which I only think about on the day.

    As for my work I am hurtling forward at a frightening pace and the marks I am making and the way I am looking at things is changing daily. In retrospect the scariness of the road to Portmagee and the memories it evoked were very apt!


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