Bunga Raya on Gaya Island

One last night in the mountains, Mount Kinabalu National Park on the way back to KK.  For the first time there was no need for fans or Air conditioners and the rain in the evening was torrential.  Staying again in a lodge on the edge of the jungle the bird life and moths and butterflies were amazing.


Back in KK the walk along the edge of the sea was as always beautiful, the sea sparkling and the islands offshore where we were heading next. There are always lots of Egrets along the edges of the sea here but I don;t think I have seen any seagulls at all.

No crocodiles here on wednesday as we set off from Jesselton Pier.  Steamy hot again but it was cooler on the water.    From the shore Gaya Island looks quite near but it took quite a while to get there.  The island is beautiful, a real paradise island, home to various sorts of Hornbills and between fifty and sixty different varieties of Hibiscus amongst other things.  Planning a Hibiscus garden for when I get back to the UK!


There were pairs of hornbills flying around the jetty when we arrived and in the late evening wild boar were roaming along the beach and spent most of the night under the cabin!  They are huge about the size of a calf with long legs!



View towards the jetty.



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