Last days and a finished drawing

My last week at Cill Rialaig went incredibly quickly as I struggled to find enough time to finish my drawing about memory.  But I did finally get it done.  It was helped by the fact that the last few days were so misty that it was impossible to see anything. There was no opportunity for taking photographs of the beautiful islands offshore because they were invisible. The last photos were taken last Monday in the evening when there was still enough light.


Detail of – Remembering and forgetting – (needs a proper title) but now pretty much finished.  pencil on Heritage rag paper, 102 x 138 cms

A lot of the time I was working on this drawing in very poor light because the only wall in the cottages suitable for s large sheet of paper is at the other end of the room away from the lovely light which pours through the glass roof over the studio area.  So it will be very good to see it in a different space when I get home and make the final adjustments to it. It will also be good to get it properly photographed.


2 Responses to “Last days and a finished drawing”

  1. Kate Beck Says:

    such a nice drawing, Fiona… the light is persuasive

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