Hailstones and dancing witches and cats


It is Saturday morning and the sea is heaving with sludgy waves topped with little flecks of white.  The glass roof of the studio area is completely covered with hailstones landing in a staccato cacophony and slipping glutinously down the slope of the glass. It’s like being in some subterranean cave. We have had these hail storms for the past couple of days, beautiful sunshine and then a few minutes later the sky is black and it starts to hail or rail heavily.  The forecast for Monday and Tuesday is no rain and bright sunshine so I am going to head out to Valencia Island, which is spectacularly beautiful


I have been doing lots of small studies in my sketchbook of the hills and islands, which I can see from the cottage.  I have done them so many times but I do find them irresistible! There weren’t many people here when I arrived but the few who were had  a little gathering in the meeting room for Halloween.  I made a paper cutout string of witch and cat which we strung it over the fireplace while we sat in the dark of the fire and one candle drinking wine.  In the interests of authenticity I asume the meeting house doesn’t seem to have electric light in the main room so it  just like it would have been in the nineteenth century, which is fine in the Summer when it is light until eleven o clock but slightly more challenging in the winter when you can’t find your glass in the gloom.


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