Wild winds and sketchbook drawings


A wild wild night with roaring winds and torrential rain but this morning it is dry – just.  I watched curlews flying fast along the lea of the coast and there was a hooded crow on the edge of the cliff.  Yesterday the islands and the headland opposite were appearing and disappearing by the moment but this morning they are all visible and the sea is a deep dark bluey grey, lightening in the distance where the water shallows at the islands’ shoreline.

In the afternoon I stopped in Waterville  and the light looking out to sea before it started to rain again was moody and dark, such an amazing colour on the horizon line.


Later I made a long thin drawing of the sketches in my little square sketchbook and then started wok on some larger drawings exploring the High Cross House ideas.


Notes from my sketchbook.



2 Responses to “Wild winds and sketchbook drawings”

  1. Rosie Scribblah Says:

    After the torrential rain leaves you, it comes over to us in Wales :). Lovely drawings

  2. fiona Says:

    Thanks Rosie, I expect we will get the tail end of the hurricane next week! Glad you like the drawings I find the mountains irresistible, can’t stop drawing them in my sketchbook even though I don’t use the drawings in my work. But I suspect something from them seeps in there!

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