Return to Cill Rialaig

Return to Cill Rialaig.


This beautiful place on the edge of the Atlantic never fails to inspire me, it greeted me, despite the cold, with bright late afternoon sunshine.  I had been three days getting here.  Along drive to Fishguard to catch the boat to Rosslare, an overnight stay followed by an even longer day, first to Bray on the outshkirts of Dublin and then down to Cork, another nights rest and then the drive to Kerry. Slow going but I glimpsed my first hooded crow as I entered the Gaeltacht. My cottage was cold, one of the storage heaters wasn’t working but I lit the fire and tried to warm up without much success. I got a delivery of turf the next afternoon and the electrician turned up and mended the heater despite the fact that it was a Sunday and a bank holiday. Heavy rain on Sunday so I headed off to the Shiopa Cill Rialaig which is the gallery and cafe and had a cup of tea by their roaring fire.   I then came home and started to do some drawing.  Monday, bank holiday dawned bright and clear, despite the hour change I got up really early and managed to catch a view of a pair of kestrels high up on the rocks above my cottage.  I sat outside all afternoon in the sun drawing the islands and the headland which is my view from the cottage, for the upteenth time.  I just need to do it and get it out of my system.  I have started reading Sun Dancing by Geoffrey Moorhouse which is his fictional account of the monks over the centuries on Skellig Michael, the tiny out crop of rock which they lived on for generations.  Beautifully written and fascinating.  My bedtime reading is The Secret Garden which I haven’t read for ages.  I have a beautiful  edition illustrated by Inga Moore and published by Walker books.   It is safe reading in this remote place where a moonless night is so black you can’t see your hand in front of your face and youwouldn’t  want to be thinking of sidhe or  banshees!




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