Falling in love with geometry – Paintings by Jane Hedges

Medina Marrakech Acrylic on Canvas 120x120cms

I never thought I would say that, geometry not being my forté! However I am talking about painterly geometry not the mathematical kind. Two years ago during Dorset Art Weeks I bought a small painting from Artist Jane Hedges who lives quite near to Lyme Regis.  I went back again this year and fell in love with her work all over again. She tends towards two distinct palettes. My little painting in acrylics on paper is hot pinks, orangey yellows, purples and touches of  turquoise. Other paintings are darker, predominantly blue and indigo and in her most recent works greens are beginning to seep in. This bald listing of the colours that she uses fails to take account of their immense subtlety. A myriad of small triangles and diamonds in layered dragged paint are set within a geometric framework that is suggestive of Hagia Sofia or the floor plan of a Venetian tiled Palazzo. It is the way that she layers the paint, delicately dragging one hue across the surface of another so that the little squares look powdery, not quite hiding the colour underneath. Some of her inspiration comes from Morocco, which led me to think of Paul Klee as a reference and I was reminded of the wonderful pierced Islamic screens in the Victoria and Albert Museum.  But the V and A screens are pale, monochrome, whereas it is Jane’s  use of colour which sings out: so sure, sumptuous and mesmerising.   Her most recent work is beginning to incorporate curves which flow across the surface of the now more landscape-formatted canvases and are in fact a response to the amazing view across the hills which she can see from her studio window.

Evening Durweston Acrylic on Canvas 77x77cms

Towards Penn Farm Acrylic on Canvas 90x70cms

I hope to get the chance to write a longer piece about Jane Hedges work but this is just a little taster for now.


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