Furniture, sculpture and painting for Dorset Art Weeks

Oh the joys of Dorset Art Weeks in half term, jubilee week and appalling weather, as well as discovering half way through the week that my MOT was about to run out and my usual garage was shut for the week!  I set out on Thursday to find a remote location near Bridport.  I drove across the top of Eggardon Hill on a track which dropped away in a sheer drop, scary in those high winds. I followed an increasingly narrow muddy lane, arched over by trees bending in the wind, until I reached the bottom where there was a ford, which with all the rain was a raging brown torrent of water, totally impassable. So I retraced my steps and will visit photographer Jill Kennington Courtauld another day.

Friday morning saw me heading off early to Bournemouth or that’s where I thought I was going until I got there and realised the road I was looking for and vaguely remembered was actually in Poole.  Then when I checked the brochure I discovered that they didn’t actually open until twelve. So another missed venue and this time entirely my own fault.  However on my way I had dropped in to see Simon Pirie’s furniture.  My eye was drawn to a very striking Floating Bench made from scorched, steam-bent and natural Dorset Oak, in amongst the beautifully crafted tables and cabinets.  Jeweler Liz Tyler and printmaker Peter Ursem are also showing work at The Courtyard. Next I headed off to see painter and sculptor Felice Hodges negotiating the remains of two fallen trees on the way. It was worth the trip though.

Winter by Felice Hodges


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