Beautiful Titians at the National Gallery

Went to see the Titian exhibition at The National Gallery on Friday morning.   Completely free. Using his painting The Flight into Egypt it flags up Titian’s amazing delicacy and painterly observation of landscape and nature in his paintings, showing connections with Giorgione, Bellini and Durer as well as some exquisite little contemporary drawings of animals from the British Museum Collection.

On the way through the gallery I stopped and looked at a late Titian Mother and Child from the 1570’s.  Just beautiful. Fluid painting and exquisite layering of  chalky subtle colour upon colour so that parts of it look both contemporry and abstract.  The label alongside it said it might have been left, unfinished in his studio after his death.   It has that freedom which paintings like Constable’s oil sketches have.  Not highly finished.


The day before I went to Tate Modern to the Damien Hurst exhibition.  Had to be done, I can’t write about something I haven’t seen but I was somewhat underwhelmed and left feeling curiously unsatisfied.

However to happier things.  This week I am returning to Cill Rialaig to do another residency so watch this space!



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2 Responses to “Beautiful Titians at the National Gallery”

  1. Natalie Dowse Says:

    Hi Fiona – I totally agree with your comments about Titian – beautiful painting. I saw a large show in The National Gallery, maybe about ten years ago, and was bowled over. Have a great time in Ireland – I will be following your blog.

  2. Natalie Dowse Says:

    *actually it may have been at the Royal Academy!

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