Mondrian || Nicholson at The Courtauld Gallery

Parallel is obviously the latest in word.  I used it for my exhibition Parallel Lines of Enquiry and it is in the title of the wonderful new exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery in London which I went to see last week.  Paintings by these two great artists are set side by side throughout two rooms allowing people to see the connections between the works and also see the clear differences.  The stark simplicity of Mondrian’s lines and primary colours alongside the softer more modulated palette of the Englishman.

Wandering into a further room after looking at the Mondrian || Nicholson I found a small show of wonderful drawings all related to the grid.  There  was a contemporary drawing of a grid   displayed next to drawings where the grid was a connecting idea.   A drawing by Graham Sutherland squared up ready to be transferred to canvas, a garden design by James Thornhill who designed the Thornhill Mural at Sherborne House in Dorset and a whole page of wonderful little dancing animals.

I then had a good wander around the whole gallery which has such treasures from Medieval to Renaissance to Impressionists and beyond.

The Review of Accumulation at ParisCONCRET is now live on isendyouthis.  Click the link in the side bar.


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