Paris – ParisCONCRET – Albers at Centre Pompidou

It’s a long time since I was in Paris, Twelve years or more, which given that I spend a couple of months a year in France, seems quite ridiculous.  Drawing into the Gare Du Nord on the Eurostar is always magic, such a civilised way to arrive into the heart of a city.  Northern France was snow-covered and Paris itself was bitterly cold.  Even the Parisians were finding it trying and the streets were thronged with people in leather and fur, big hats, boots and gloves.  The chestnut sellers on the left bank were shivering in minus eight despite their glowing braziers.  My hotel was in rue Crozatier with a fishmonger and a Halal butcher opposite and a lively street market stretching away towards the Gare de Lyon.  The Boulanger Patissier just round the corner provided me with exquisite breakfasts in the form of Croissants Abricots and Pain au Raisins with so much fruit in them they provided an intense sugar rush to accompany an extremely strong Espresso.  Divine!

I was primarily in Paris to go to the Vernissage, the Preview, of Accumulation, an exhibition at ParisCONCRET of three international artists, Kate Beck and Linda Hutchins who are both American and Lynette Smith who is Australian. All women making work that is process driven and very labour intensive. There is a review of the show on its way and will flag it up when it is posted.

I did also get time  go to the Josef Albers show at the Pompidou centre which was breathtaking.  Hundreds of little studies, oil on paper, for his paintings.  Wonderful to see his thought processes at work and see how he moved forward from idea to idea in search of the perfect hue and tonal balance.

Josef Albers, Color study for homage to the square, platinium, not dated, huile sur papier buvard, 29,5 X 29,6 cm


Back home I am getting ready for my show which opens at Bridport this coming Friday.  See invite below.  I picked up my work from the framers on Friday and it looks very beautiful – the framer has done a wonderful job in record time. The invites have gone out, the catalogue is at the printers – one hiccup, a repeated image has been sorted out – thank goodness.  And the soundtrack is recorded and is being mixed and finished today.  So I think everything is set.  Delivering the work tomorrow and hanging the rest of the week.


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2 Responses to “Paris – ParisCONCRET – Albers at Centre Pompidou”

  1. Lisa Roberts Says:

    Is that Bridport in Tasmania Australia?

    It’s wonderful to follow your travels.


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