More New York Art plus Rebecca Salter and Callum Innes in London

At the Craig F. Starr Gallery there was a wonderful exhibition of Sol Le Witt and Eva Hesse which was in the nature of a visual conversation. Beautiful sensitive drawings by both of them which flagged up the intimate scale of their work and the dialogue which existed between them as both artists and friends.. Evocative  and poignant too since she died in 1979 at the age of thirty four. Shortly before she died he made a wall drawing for her in the Galerie Yvonne Lambert in Paris.  The Starr gallery show contained a letter which he wrote to her too. The show has finished now but the catalogue is still available and there are images of the show on the gallery website.

Donald Judd at the David Zwirner Gallery was of a very different scale.  Still pools of reflective light and colour in his square aluminium boxes whose resonating rays bounced off clear walls.  And the luxury of a huge space filled with just a few pieces  of work, every artist’s dream.

The first evening in New York we went to the opening of the 75th anniversary show of the American Abstract Artists  at OK Harris.  It was packed with people, room after room of striking abstract art by nearly eighty different artists.

AAA Opening Reception

I met some wonderful artists whilst I was in New York and stayed with two of them Pelavin Gallery Artist Margaret Neill and photographer Don Muchow. Thank you.

Rebecca Salter Quadra 1

Back in London I went to see the Rebecca Salter exhibition at the Beardsmore Gallery in London. Work on paper suspended unframed which really allowed the viewer to see all  those lovely rich inky tones.  Then it was off to the Frith Street Gallery to see the Callum Innes show. A big space again but fairly unusual for central London and some huge work as well as smaller pieces all with his signature layering of colour.








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