Susan Hiller at Tate Britain and Alan Reynolds at Annely Juda

Just spent three days in London and I managed to see some great art.  Susan Hiller at Tate Britain is an excellent show, really thought provoking and so good to see a wide range of her work all in one place.  What really came across strongly is the lengths she goes to make the viewer participate, to become part of the event.  Predictably I loved, Conceptual Painting, 1970-85, the  canvases recycled as blocks and Work in Progress, 1980, loops of unpicked canvas draped across the wall.  Ann Gallagher’s essay in the catalogue is written in clear accessible language and it provides a good survey of Hiller’s work not just the work in the exhibition.  I popped into the Watercolour show downstairs which I didn’t expect to enjoy, given the reviews, but there were a couple of beautiful early coloured maps which caught my eye, along with a velvety Rebecca Salter and a Charles Rennie Mackintosh of buildings in a landscape. Wednesday evening saw me at the Preview of Toni Davey’s exhibition at the Institute of Physics; more explorations of the light and shadow created by cut and lifted paper. Open only by appointment, details below.

On until the 26 March at Annely Juda Fine Art are constructions and small sensuous pencil drawings by Alan Reynolds.  I loved it.  The drawings must be seen. On screen they are so delicate and subtle they fade into nothing.  I can identify with that problem!

Before going to London I contacted the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, a favourite place to draw when I was a student. The curator there was brilliant giving me links to sites and fascinating papers written about Polynesian Navigation sticks as they are called apparently. Pursuing the idea I have now completed seven tiny canvases, see Current work – Paintings on my website, relating to them and I am continuing to search for the actual artifacts so I can go and draw some.

Unstable Horizon Painting 11

Oil charcoal and graphite on canvas, 76 x 102 cm 30 x 40 in

completed march 2011

To view Toni Davey’s show at The Institute of Physics 76 Portland Place London phone Jenny Hullock on 0207 470 4871 for an appointment


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