the physics of waves and Bridget Riley at the National

Never thought I would write anything about physics but David Malone’s The Secret Life of Waves on BBC Four last Wednesday was riveting; from the sounds  made by water droplets, to the experiments by physicists at Cambridge and elsewhere and just the fact that waves aren’t actually made of water!  Its still on iplayer so I might even watch it again.  In the studio I finished two more square paintings from the drawings I did at Ballinglen and then went up to London to pick up some stretcher bars from Russell and Chappel.  Its just round the corner form the the National Gallery so I went in to have a look at the Bridget Riley paintings in the Sunley Room.  There were a couple of huge works painted directly onto the wall of the gallery, Arcadia I and a drawing Composition with Circles 7 , executed with exquisite care by her assistants.  Riley also had some very interesting things to say about colour in Titian’s work amongst others in the film which is being shown to accompany the exhibition.


Unstable Horizon Painting 7.  oil charcoal and graphite on canvas.  18 x 18 inches

Unstable Horizon Painting 6.  oil charcoal and graphite on canvas.  18 x 18 inches



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