discovering drawings at the British Museum and continuing to paint in my studio

Going to any exhibition is always a delight but discovering an artist for the first time is very special.  At the British Museum last week in the exhibition Picasso to Julie Mehretu Modern drawings from the British Museum Collection, I came across the drawings of Edda Renouf.  I was blown away by her exquisite, timeless, quiet work.  It is very beautiful and her philosophy is in tune with the ideas that inform my own work. The following quote from Edda Renouf’s 2009 Statement, which I found on her website and am printing here with her permission, is particularly significant.

My works are thus a record of the days, weeks, months and seasons when they were created becoming a journal of my working process, while at the same time their structures and signs relate to thoughts and memory; to music and sound, themes that point to the idea of ‘making the invisible visible’ thereby revealing the movement and hidden presence of wave structures in our universe and again the abstract energy within my materials.’

© Edda Renouf,  2009.


Picasso to Julie Mehretu  Modern drawings from the British Museum Collection, Room 90, is on until 25 April 2011. It is a really good show with work that ranges from a huge Michaelangelo cartoon, German expressionist George Grosz, Gerhard Richter and finally a small black and white Julie Mehretu.  I have Catherine De Zegher’s book on Mehretu, (Rizzoli, 2007) but haven’t seen her work in the flesh before so was disappointed, expecially since the show is titled from Picasso to Mehretu, to find that there was only one drawing by her. However there is  a fine line drawing, Untitled Subway Drawing by William Anastasi which absorbed my attention.  A show which takes up two rooms,  is always a treat; time to really look intently at each piece and not too many visitors because it hasn’t had the blockbuster marketing treatment.


Life in the studio continues.


Finished this week; Unstable Horizon painting 5.   oil charcoal and graphite on canvas.  80 x 100 cms, 31 x 40 ins.  above, details below


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