A new painting, Rachel Whiteread drawings and the Turner Prize

The first painting using the unstable horizon drawings as a starting point. Unusually for me, I used a really big brush for this 12 inch square canvas,  I often don’t use a brush at all, and I had forgotten what a painterly effect it achieves.

I went to see the the Turner Prize exhibition at Tate Britain last week finding Dexter Dalwood’s complex paintings very interesting. His deliberately borrowed imagery and eclectic painting styles are a little disconcerting at first but once you stop artist spotting; Jasper Johns, Botticelli, Van Gogh, and have worked out the literary references you can enjoy them for the big meaty paintings they are.  Peter Doig came to mind whilst I was looking at them.  Of the other shortlisted artists: Angela de la Cruz’s stretcher-less paintings revealed a rather wicked sense of humour and  her three legged chair was very touching.  Susan Philipsz’ sound installation was very evocative  in the enclosed space of a gallery but I would have liked to hear it in its original location outside on the River Clyde in Glasgow.  I found the Otolith Group’s installation, banks of screens, sound and movement from all sides rather overwhelming and actually found them talking about their work in the final room more digestible but to be fair I know I didn’t give them enough time so I need to go back again.

Finally I went back again to look at the exhibition of Rachel Whiteread’s drawings which I saw in September.  I enjoyed it as much on a second viewing.  I love the simplicity, the masking out of lines and the unpretentious use of graph paper.  But essentially just drawings that make you think, that you want to stand in front of and absorb for a very long time.  Drawings of mattresses, floors, door knobs, things that essentially are unimportant and go unnoticed.  I like that! It resonates with the things that I like to draw.

Untitled..Double Mattress Yellow (1991) by Rachel Whiteread


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