Ephemeral light

Grasping the ephemeral.  Emergence and disappearance.  Submergence and change.  Light.



Chalk and graphite drawings on Arches hot press


layered markings from pavement drawings



As I head towards the end of my time here at the BallingIen Arts Foundation I am  starting to assess what it is I am trying to do with my work. It will take some time to really do this and it won’t become clear until I have been back in my normal environment for some time. It is still about alternative versions of things, change, history, movement.  Wherever someone is placed, emotionally, geographically, temporally or politically they will have a vision, a version of events a view of what they see which is dependent on who and what they are and where they are viewing from.  Formally it about chasing the ungraspable and knowing that it can never be pinned down.


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