…observation of the perfect line…


I have been here over a month now.  Sitting at my window this morning, looking out over a stormier sea than the last few days I felt I was daydreaming my time away.  It is very seductive to watch the light change, the sea mutating from succulent steely greys to pale almost white as the rain comes in but I feel I need to push all of this further. I am becoming absorbed in combinations of graphite and white chalk.  It gives me the tones I want and the rubbed out, white out, that happens, but I want to get more passion into the drawing.  They seem too careful and tortuous – I want some speed and some unpredictability that I can then try and tame.  I started doing some bold marks, mimicking the movement of the sea, strong energetic mark-making.  This I want to get into the finished drawings without losing their subtlety or their aura and meditative quality.  Conundrum – Maybe it is impossible.  This morning I have done three chalk and graphite drawings – which I am sitting and contemplating.  But I also want to draw the cracks in the pavement as you walk down the hill into the village.  Maybe the passion comes from the observation of the perfect line…..


Notes from my sketchbook.

Cracks in the pavement


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2 Responses to “…observation of the perfect line…”

  1. LaraOlive Says:

    This is really gorgeous work.

  2. fiona Says:

    Thank you.

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