Horizons light movement and change

The weather continues to dominate everything but the last two or three days have been mostly sunny.  The wind though is a constant.  The sea has changed to a swell, a heaving mass of heavy water like black oil with no white horses.  Yesterday morning I was drawing the view of the horizon and I heard rain on the roof but in front of me was all sunshine and light.  I know rain has to start and stop somewhere but it is strange to be sitting right under the cut off point with rain one side and no rain on the other.  Quite bizarre.  On Tuesday I went out to  Downpatrick Head which I can see from my house.  The stack, a disconnected rock at the end of it is quite extraordinary and looking across the bay I could see the hills I drew at Belderg a few days ago.




Huge waves swelling and breaking as thy approach the shore, the ridge of each breaker pursued by an arc of spray, like an ostrich feathers set in a  hat blown backwards by the forward motion of its owner.

This evening I went to the Stella Maris with some friends.  It is a former Coastguard Station is in the most idyllic situation overlooking Bunatrahir Bay, which is really just a small inlet.  Sitting in the Conservatory, which runs the whole length of the building, conservatory hardly does justice to this room but sun-lounge doesn’t fit the setting or the experience, we drank  pre-dinner drinks in front of this astounding vista.

Sunday 3 Oct.

It was a beautiful sunny day so I decided to walk to the Stella Maris along the main road.  Dangerous choice – people drive really fast along this road and one at least did not really pull out to give me enough room.  There were only a couple a really dangerous bends and listening carefully it is easy to hear cars coming from quite a distance.  My map indicated that there was a road around the back of the Stella Maris opposite the second turn off to Doonfeeney.  So I walked down it for some distance past houses and eventually came to a cattle grid and what appeared to be gateposts set either side of the road.  Unsure I walked a little further but it didn’t look promising and the road seemed to end at a house up ahead.  A car appeared, an old car driven by quite an old man and he slowed down and stopped.  He was very taken with Gigi but also interested in me and wanted to know where I was staying.  Everyone is so friendly. Later down by the Stella Maris I watched a heron and some pretty kittiwakes and a huge noisy bird with a long curved beak, a curlew perhaps.  Did an unsatisfactory drawing of the pier with Downpatrick head in the distance.

I am beginning to realise that it is not really the landscape that I am interested in, beautiful as it is, it is the changing light, the way the sea changes in tone and the ways that parts of the landscape appear and disappear as the weather and consequently the light changes.

Notes from my sketchbook





2 Responses to “Horizons light movement and change”

  1. katebeckstudio Says:

    Fiona, these are very sensitive and beautiful drawings — thanks for sharing them. It seems like a powerful experience…

    I enjoyed seeing Gigi tiptoe thru the wet grass, too!

    Best love,

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