Capturing the gap between the sky and the sea

Lashing rain and a spectacularly stormy night!  The rain was running vertically down the windowpanes as if it was being poured out of a bucket!  This morning from my window the wind is tearing in from the west and the sea is tumultuous, changeable, treacherous.  The colour moves from un-lightened grey to blues to yellow greys.  One second I can see the horizon and the next the line where the sea and sky meet has been rubbed out.  The rain advances in diagonal slashing lines across the fields like an opaque layer of air obscuring my view of the water, and always the wind pushing and tossing the trees, its sound battling for supremacy with the noise of the waves.  I thought I was missing the drama of Kerry – was – but no longer!

Now one day later, a calmer morning and as I sit down at my window I  can see a range of mountains on the horizon line!  I have been looking at this view and drawing it for a week thinking that there was just the sea endlessly until it met the sky but now it is interrupted by an undulating blush grey mass cutting into the pale of the sky. So now I have my mountains too!

Daily Drawings of my changeable view

Notes from my sketchbook

On Sunday I drove out West.  A much wilder landscape; long straight open roads with sheep wandering on and off the road.  Hills with fringes of dark trees were up ahead and at Bielderg  a strange hillside curving around on itself as it circled the small harbour.


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