Sea Spume and drawings from found objects

I can’t believe I have already been here five days although I can’t really count Friday  the day I arrived.  I am settling into my studio and have spent a lot of time drawing the sea spume from the window of my house.

Working from my first three drawings of spume in my sketchbook, images below,  I have done a couple of layered drawings which are going in and interesting direction.

Notes from my sketchbook

I found the quay where the fishing boats land and watched a heron and lots of small seabirds feeding on the debris on the tideline. The semicircle of Bunatrahir  Bay curves away towards Bally castle Beach which  was littered with rubbish thrown up out of the sea but rich pickings for a beachcombing artist. Gigi found rather a lot of smelly seaweed, and tried to eat it rather than roll in it which was a plus given that we were going home in the car and I found a strangely marked stone, a fossil maybe, and a red cloth flower head that looked as if it had drifted all the way from Mexico.  Not really- but I am two thirds of the way through Barbara Kingsolver’s The Lacuna so definitely in Mexican mode.

Beach views

I have decided to do drawings from a found objects, to get my head in gear and as light relief really from the serious business of trying to think my way into some major piece of work.

Found object drawings

I found this dead moth on the kitchen floor in the morning

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2 Responses to “Sea Spume and drawings from found objects”

  1. Jazz Says:


    it looks like a very inspiring location & some wonderful sketches already with the incorporation of some layered, collage elements? – it will be interesting to see how your work develops during your residency and how the ‘blogging’ of it might also influence your ideas – with best wishes for the new work…

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