Notes from my sketchbook and the wet air of Ballinglen

The view from my house.  Wild and windy and the air is wet, But I feel very at home.

I finally arrived at Ballycastle yesterday after two days of very tiring driving.  Five hours from home to Fishguard then the boat to Rosslare.  I stayed at a wonderful farmhouse looking out over the sea right at the bottom south east corner of Ireland. Next morning I headed off  for the top south west corner of North Mayo.  Across country taking over six hours: winding roads, tractors, loads of lorries, hundreds of sign posts which only tell you how to get to the next town which isn’t where you want to go.  I finally arrived in Ballycastle home of the Ballinglen Arts Foundation at half past four.  Ballycastle is a short one street village but the Arts Foundation is fantastic.  A library, an office, a common room overlooking the bay and I have a large, light, white-walled studio to work in for seven weeks!!  My little house, two miles outside the village overlooks the bay too so I can sit at any of the windows and draw the the spume in the distance or just listen to the sound of the waves

This morning it was tipping down with rain but has finally cleared. The sea is now my favourite shade of gunmetal grey flecked with dots and dashes of white sea-horses Gigi was very reluctant to get her feet wet in her new garden and has yet to explore the beach.

Stocked up with provisions from the supermarket at Ballina about a forty mile round trip and unpacked in the house and in the studio.

Notes from my sketchbook

No drawings here yet.

But before I came away I had a brilliant drawing day with Jem and Simon with whom I am planning an exhibition of ‘work in progress’.  Pages from my sketchbook below – and hoping to download images of J and S’s drawings as soon as I can access them.


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