Gunmetal grey sea and choughs dancing

12 March 2010

I spent an entertaining three days trying to pack the car surreptitiously so that the dogs would not realise I was leaving.  Drove to Swansea and boarded the Julia.  I stood on deck and watched an amazing sunset, all orange reds and golds, the sort of picture postcard image that you would swear had been touched up.  The boat was quite palatial an old liner on only its second outing after being holed up in Cork all winter.  Which explains why it didn’t sail!  They couldn’t shut the bow door so we missed the tide and eventually left at 1 am.  A weekend in Cork with lovely food and an Irish band in the pub, tin whistle, fiddle and guitar, on Saturday night.    I headed off to Kerry on Monday.

15 March 2010

I arrived at Cill Rialaig late afternoon and as I got out of the car there were choughs dancing and screaming above my cottage.  What a welcome!  The sea was a beautiful shade of dark grey and beginning to swell and as dusk started to fall I watched the gannets flying low, close to the shore.  I was struck once again by how jaw-droppingly beautiful it all was and it was so wonderful to be back.  It seemed smaller somehow, the distances which I drew in my big drawing From Ballinskelligs Beach to Bolus Head seemed to have shrunk.  The house hidden by dark trees which I thought was a long way up the hill is actually only a stone’s throw away.

16 March 2010

I found two goose eggs on the doorstep this morning and nearby a dead robin, a pathetic little carcass, which I took inside to draw.  Got going on some drawings and then headed down to the beach after lunch. I need to get my bearings and decide what I am going to do.

Set the studio up first and re arranged all the furniture so I have everything how I want it.  Then to work.

drawing on Japanese paper


drawing in progress which I brought with me.


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