New Drawings, Anish Kapoor and the Turner Prize

Still walks but using the contours of the land mass in Kerry and Cornwall to contain the lines.  Trying out Arches HP in place of Fabriano and still finding that the surface degrades as I work on it in a way that I don’t like.  It affects the quality of the line.  Will have to experiment with some different ones.

Alternative Topologies 1 Puffin Island

Alternative Toplogies 4 Valencia Island 3

Went up to London for a couple of days last week and saw first, the John Walker drawings at C4RD which I really liked.  Then the Anish Kapoor at the RA.  I had to go back three times to watch the cannon being fired because I missed it the first time and the second time I saw it go but not where it ended up.  It was quite dramatic.  I loved the white bubble emerging from the wall – missed it first time round which is possibly the whole point but it was very beautiful. And of course the wax train being pushed  through the archways of the wonderful rooms at the RA from one end of the building to the other was mesmerising. Lots of people were having fun with the mirror pieces watching themselves being enlarged, reduced, turned upside down.  Quite Alice in wonderlandish.  Next up the Turner Prize  which is really strong this year.  I identified most closely with the work of Lucy Skaer whose primary practice is drawing and her work on paper is really interesting creating different levels of perception at different distances.  Richard Wright’s gold leaf patterning on the end wall of one of the rooms was exquisitely beautiful and drawing again really.  I still like Roger Hiorns magical copper sulphate room with its seering blue crystals best of his work and I think he was nominated for that, but the work here asks lots of questions about life, death and existence.  His extraordinary installation of the dust from the destruction of a jet engine is like a moon landscape.  Enrico David was the artist who I found least sympathetic, though I have a suspicion he might just win, it’s deliberate boorishness just didn’t appeal to me really.  I went from there to the Jerwood Drawing Prize which I found pretty depressing.  This was obviously an embroidery year with stitched canvas and stitched paper.  The John Baldessari at Tate Modern the next day redresssed the balance.  Lots of interesting stuff – too much to take in all at one go.  Will have to go back.


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