Borneo and Fringe mk Painting Competition

I got back from Borneo to find that Veils of Memory has been selected for the catalogue of the fringe mk Painting Competition.

View from balcony over the South China Sea

Borneo was amazing!  A far cry from Cill Rialaig!  We went to Mount Kinabalu and walked in the canopy of the rainforest, we went on a river trip through the jungle seeing wild probosis monkeys, macaws, flashes of kingfishers and a glimpse of a crocodile.  We visited a cultural village and learned all about the history of the different tribes and head hunters, saw the smallest orchid in the world and the rarest which were both incredibly beautiful.

Smallest orchid

I loved the houses on stilts and swimming in the steamy heat of the South China sea, drinking coconut milk out of freshly cut coconuts which were huge and unrecognisable compared to the wizened things we get here.  And the sea food in abundance of every description.  Mangrove swamps, banana trees, mango trees growing in the centre of the city and exotic friuts everywhere.

River fishing community

And everywhere the welcome and the friendliness of the people we met.


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4 Responses to “Borneo and Fringe mk Painting Competition”

  1. ndowse Says:

    Hi Fiona – Congratulations on the MK competition. Wow Borneo looks amazing. Soooooo beautiful. I hope you had a great and relaxing time. Are you off to France again this summer?


    PS I still owe you an email. 🙂

  2. fiona Says:

    Hi Nat
    Borneo was a wonderful learning curve and an incredible experience. None of us were that keen to go but now we can’t wait to go back. In fact Mikey changed his flight and stayed longer! Have had to postpone the France trip because the dog got very ill and needs to recuperate before we go – so come and visit?
    f xx

  3. liuka Says:

    Wow! Borneo, right? so exotic! wonder if it affected your drawing approach in any was? Just curious 🙂 It must be a wonderful experience. Sorry about the dog.

  4. fiona Says:

    Hi liuka
    Borneo – its a long story but my son got married to a wonderful Sabahan girl check FB for the photos and although I didn’t do much drawing while I was there I can’t wait to go back and do some serious drawing. However i am going back to Cill Rialaig in Feb, 2010 so maybe we might get a chance to meet up? Borneo was awesome. and the dog is on the mend, thank you!.


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