From Picasso to Kuniyoshi with lots of drawing in between

The Illusions of Space show at the Brewhouse came down and the talk on the last saturday with the launch of the catalogue was good. I am really pleased with the catalogue since we finally got a decent shot of my big drawing which was heinously difficult to photograph. If any one would like a copy feel free to ask. The text and some images have just  been published in Art Cornwall, (click on the link in the sidebar). Before the show ended I went up to London to the National Gallery to see the Picasso show. I must remind myself never to take any notice of what reviewers say because it got a really bad press and it was wonderful. I got there just as it was opening so there were very few people in there for the first hour which was a bonus. There was lots of work which I hadn’t seen before and the connections that were made with other artist’s work were fascinating. I loved how the monumentality of Ingres’s portrait of Mme Moitessier is reflected in Picasso’s portraits of Marie Thérese Walter and had to rush over to the French rooms afterwards to look at it and my favourite Degas painting of a woman combing the red hair of another woman which Picasso used for another work. The Kuniyoshi was much harder work because I was completely unfamiliar with his work and it was rather a case of information overload and I just couldn’t take it all in. I did love his big A2 sketchbooks with fold out triptyches though. I think I might try that myself.

So back in the studio and I have today finished a big painting inspired by the Transition show at Exeter Castle. I have been working on it for weeks and it is the same dimensions as the drawings and so the same as the floor area of the prison cells, 180 x 120 cms. I have had real trouble with the paint drying too quickly in the heat and so had to put an extra layer of paint on it today to make it work. Its isn’t as smooth a finish as I had originally intended but given the subject matter I rather like the rawness of the finish.

Robinson F. 01 Veils of Memory

I have called it Veils of Memory which is a bit of a nod to ‘dropping from the veils of morning’ in Yeats poem, The Lake Isle of Inisfree which I love and which is about solitude.

Details below

Robinson F. 02 Detail 1

Robinson F. 03 Detail 2

Robinson F. 04 Detail 3


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One Response to “From Picasso to Kuniyoshi with lots of drawing in between”

  1. liuka Says:

    Brilliant! May I have a catalog, please? 🙂

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