Illusions of Space

Well it has been a manic month workwise not helped by two weeks in France with a rubbish internet connection.  But, nice food and wine, evenings with friends and four novels later, back to the real world.  Before France I was down in Cornwall for two days submitting work to the selection Committee for the Newlyn Society of Artists who accepted me as a member, hurrah!  The weather was gorgeous and I discovered Sennen Beach, I am sure I have been there before, but this time I had Gigi with me and it was seventh heaven for an Irish Setter, racing along the sand in the late evening sun!  I also went to see Andy Currie’s installation at The Exchange in Penzance.  Long swathes of diaphanous, transluscent fabric suspended form the ceiling and leaping and dancing in the breeze, need to use the word zephyrs really, from a bank of fans on the floor.  All the mechanics showing deliberately so you were not distracted by the thought, now how has he done that?  There was something poignant about it, perhaps because the movement was so ephemeral.  But like my work a photograph doesn’t give a real idea of what it is like because the movement is so mesmerizing.
End of April saw me putting the finishing touches to my big drawing for the Brewhouse show Illusions of Space which opened on Saturday 2 May.  Lots of images on

It took all week to install the show and predictably my large drawing has been incredibly difficult to photograph.  Too far away and you can really only see white paper against white wall and too close and you don’t get a sense of the scale and the feeling of being able to walk into the space.  So if anyone wants to see it properly they are going to have to go to the show!


Installation view.  (from left) From Ballinskelligs Beach to Bolus Head (detail below) with works on canvas by Pennie Elfick (right) and intervention by George Meyrick (above)


Below detail of Turbulance by Andy Currie Installation at The Exchange Penzance


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