Transition Installation at Exeter Castle


The corridor under the Castle with prison cells on either side.


The three holding cells in which I installed my drawings they measured 6′ x 4′.


View of six small drawings in one of the cells.


the grill in the door of the cell through which prisoners could be observed.


Large Transition Drawing, 180 x 120 cms,  ‘floating’ about two feet off the floor and covering the total floor area.


Transition Net drawing installed in the second cell.


View of the Net Drawing through the grill before the lights were turned off and the drawing was lit through the grill with spotlights which gave an added dimension of shadow to the drawings.


Transition Drawing lit through the grill clearly showing the shadow effect.


View through the grill


View of the Transition pencil drawing and shadow photographed inside the cell without the grill.


Similar view of the Transition Net Drawing.


Transition Drawing without the shadow.

Record of the installation of drawings in the prison cells in the basement of Exeter Castle.


2 Responses to “Transition Installation at Exeter Castle”

  1. ndowse Says:

    Hi Fiona – I wondered why I couldn’t leave comments – till I realised that I needed a login. So at last I’m here!

    This work looks truly amazing. What a venue to hang and exhibit your work. I love the floating floor piece and the transformation that occurs with the added layer of the shadow. Delicate the stunning.

    Natalie x

  2. fiona Says:

    Thanks Nat. So glad you like it. It is going up to London to the Bargehouse where the installation will be very different so I will photograph that too. I am going to go the the Richter portraits amongst other things so I’ll let you know what its like.
    f x

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