Drawing movement through space


Busy week, again. On Saturday I went to an outdoor sculpture show at Puthall Sculpture Park just outside Marlborough http://www.puthallpark.co.uk which runs until the 16 November. There was some very beautiful work there, set in a landscape with spectacular views across to a ridge of trees at the start of Savernake Forest, all of which were dancing in the wind in their Autumn finery. An open mesh sculpture by Lucy Strachcan particularly caught my eye, a piece which had elements allowing it draw in space. On Sunday I went to Rabley Contemporary Drawing Centre to see “Bring on the Dancing Bears” an exhibition of drawings by Kerry Phippen. Quirky little drawings pared down to essentials which capture the essence of what Circus means to many people; something to do with childhood and things lost forever. http://www.rableydrawingcentre.com/


I have been in the studio as well working on drawings to do with the physical act of walking, putting one foot down in front of another. Pace differs depending on the terrain and your state of mind. If you are in a thoughtful mood or have something on your mind you tend to walk more slowly. A walk as an activity in its own right is so different from walking to get somewhere. I was trying to capture specific walks that I did in Kerry trying to remember exactly what they felt like and what I saw and heard and smelt while I was doing them.






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2 Responses to “Drawing movement through space”

  1. liuka Says:

    Love your drawings, always. Look like constellations to me, sky-maps.

  2. fiona Says:

    Thank you Liuka. I like the idea of sky-maps. The newer darker drawings on subsequent posts are picking up on on the total darkness of Cill Rialaig where the sky and the sea merge seemlessly.

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