Subverting the line

I am still working on painting number three (see Drawing into painting post for the two finished ones) and I like the way the drawing part has centralised into a sort of rolling horizon, rather like the first of the large drawings below. The lines feel as if they are tumbling over one another. I have also been developing the Cill Rialaig Wall sketches and combining them with memories of the walks that I did up to Bolus Head.

The painting is leading me further into investigating just the line which cuts across the centre of the space on a sheet of white paper. I like the idea of constantly subverting that line so that it is always moving, always fluid, a bit like the surface of the sea. The line is pulled and stretched constantly diverted from its apparent aim of slicing the space precisely into two halves.

Cill Rialaig Walk

Sketchbook drawings


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