Drawing into painting and back again

So a week or ten days of activity. Mixing increasingly subtle variations of colour and painting over charcoal lines until they themselves become fainter and fainter. Then a change of direction, not that I have abandoned the drawings which have given me my two first finished paintings from this residency, but I started thinking about the photographs which I took which were essentially just two slightly different grays divided by the horizon. Typically these thoughts came to me in that sleepless hour just before dawn! So these very exploratory sketchbook studies are attempting a fusion of two subtleties. They exploit the faint division between night and day, light and dark, sky and sea. So we shall see where they go but for now this is as far as they have got.


2 Responses to “Drawing into painting and back again”

  1. drawinglady Says:

    The drawings/paintings look intriguing, I hope we can see them ‘live’ sometime. But how do you cope with the stunning and swift changes in light? From soft, blurry monotones to intense blue and green. Did you try to capture these bright colours or did you stick with the seductive ‘Irishness’ of the mists and rain?


  2. fiona Says:

    I don’t specifically try to capture the changes in light and colour at the time, I respond to the whole experience and to what is happening at the moment that I am making a drawing. The photos which I take as a form of record keeping obviously record changes in light. These along with the memories of what I was doing when I made the original sketchbook drawings are filtered into the paintings and the real engagement with changes in light comes when I start to mix paint. I spend a long time adding tiny amounts of colour to the mix until I get it just how I want it to be and then only shift that hue very slightly with each subsequent layer of paint. In the large pencil drawings the feeling of light is produced through the way I exploit the tonal values of the graphite. I am very obsessed with greys so the moody rain soaked skies of Kerry were perfect fodder for me!

    Once I have sufficient work completed and have sorted out possible exhibition venues I will post it on the blog.

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