Moving on

Welcome to Cork; a different type of landscape here, less naked though still wild.  The valleys are clothed with trees and the stone of the hills is not so jagged.

Before Cork, Goodbye to Cill Rialaig, to Ballinskelligs and to the
Gaeltach.  I left a Cill Rialaig drawing for the ‘project’, along with a little bit of myself…..

I dipped down into Kenmare, its bustling tourist shops and English voices were a culture shock.  I felt like a hermit who had come down from the mountains, which in a way, I suppose I had.  The vague hostility of the English second-hand bookshop owner would not have seemed out of place in Charing Cross Road or Hay on Wye. His abrupt response “Never heard of it”, when I asked him for Sean O’Connail’s Book, seemed a pity when it was the sort of shop where you would think you might be able to find out-of-print books of Irish stories.

Through the mountains; the Eccles hotel on the waterfront; Glengarriff where the Catherine Hammond Gallery was unfortunately closed that day; so many memories. On to Schull and Carrigaline to see family.

Into Cork

Detail of Cill Rialaig Drawing

Cill Rialaig Wall drawing


5 Responses to “Moving on”

  1. fiona Says:

    Just for the record – in case anyone thinks that this is where it ends. This is actually where it all begins. Once I start working on all the material which I accumulated – 600+ photos, sketchbooks filled with various numbers of drawings, about fifty loose sheet on-site and small studio drawings, four tiny paintings and ten large finished pencil drawings – one of which I am very pleased with and three of which are pretty okay. And a head so full of memories and ideas. So please don’t go away whilst I work out the next stage of this adventure.

  2. forkhandles Says:

    As if!! It’s been really wonderful sharing your journey. Inspirational too! Been enjoying your abstract photos – the colours especially – so subtle – could only come with cloud cover! And watching the drawings of course! This last one feels very resolved….definitely a painting!
    Andrew x

  3. fiona Says:

    Hi Andrew
    I though I’d lost you! I started laying down mists of colour greys on three small canvases and am itching to get drawing into these subtle colours. So yes there will definitely be some painting. Soon!
    f x

  4. forkhandles Says:

    Had my boys for the last couple of weeks, so access to keyboard has involved much tutting and long faces. Only another week and I can start to feel inhuman again! Actually it’s been wonderful – just returned from crazy golf at Lyme. I take it you are re-installed?
    A x

  5. fiona Says:

    Not quite! but soon.

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